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Want to support Battery Eater project? It's Free. But you can buy our game on Steam:

02.06.2010 - Some website updates

Some website updates was made. New pages on the way. Stay tuned.

28.05.2010 - New 3d Engne

Battery Eater now uses new quad ENGINE for rendering. See more in blog. More changes will come.

09.11.2009 - beTube

beTube software updated. New 0.5 version available in downloads. Fixed youtube download bug, added 3gp for youtube.

11.04.2009 - beTube

beTube software available to download from ADDONS section. It allow you to download videos from youtube. No ads, free of charge, fast and small. Enjoi it!

31.07.2007 - Notebooks

Do you have an notebook? Join betatest of our version 3 software. Help to make it better, faster! Only thing you need is download beUpdated3 and download latest benchmark files. All ideas and bugs you can post in forum or development section of our site.

20.07.2007 - beForum

Forum is currently on beta stage of development. Some functions may work not preperly

12.07.2007 - beUpdated, bePro, beNew

Battery eater 3 is on the way. Alpha version is available for tests. All you need is download beUpdated software. This software will download all new modules of bePro. Files will be saved in current beUpdated dirrectory. All questions, ideas and bugs please send to beta@batteryeater.com. beUpdated available in download section.

30.12.2006 - Site

Site is under construction now. There are still some broken links on it. Don't worry. All this will be fixed. Hope you like new design.

20.11.2006 - Forum

Forum is available again. Asking your questions, post ideas, write about bugs... all are welcome (except spam).

09.11.2006 - Some updates

New version of Battery Eater Pro is released. Version 2.70 has improved stability, procedure for stoping monitor to turn off while benchmarking, latest version of Gauge. And, of cource, new language pack. Today is Italian (great thanks to Marco Battilana Kreienbrink). But that's not all. Also new version include Help in Italian. You can download it all from download section of our site, or from beUpdated system. Enjoy!

03.07.2006 - Battery Eater 3

Some news about new Battery Eater 3 software. New version will be available in this year. New version will support 64bit OS, OpenGL and Direct3D render engines, Lot of info and at least 4 benchmarks. Of cource BE3 will be with totally new visual style.<br><center><img src="/screens/BE3ProMain.png" border=0></center>

01.05.2006 - Recommended by BENQ.

Battery Eater now recommeded by BENQ for benchmarking their Joybook notebooks for battery life.

22.01.2006 - BEUpdated v0.2

New Version of BEUpdated has been released. There are number of bugfixes, so it runs most better then before :) This programm must be pleced in the same directory with Battery Eater.

04.01.2006 - Gauge update.

New version on Gauge is released. In v1.4 some bugfixes, smart render (shows two gauges if you have two batteries, or one if you have one), Excelent taskbar integration.

03.01.2006 - Donations.

Now you can make a donations to author of BE. If You really like my small tool - donate!

26.11.2005 - Language Pack Update.

Language pack now include Finnish language by Jaska Jokunen. Great Thanks!

08.10.2005 - Online update system.

Online update system BEupdated has been released. Now you can do all updates without this site!!! Small and Useful. Enjoy it! (15Kb).

20.07.2005 - Language Pack Update.

Language pack has been grow up now :D There is DUTCH language support made by Vaako_1969 added.

20.05.2005 - Language Pack Update.

Language pack has been updated. Corrected version of Slovak laguage. Thanks to Longo213 again.

26.04.2005 - Forum.

Battery Eater site now have own forum. You are welcome to ask and talk about anything.

20.04.2005 - New version.

Battery Eater Pro 2.60 has been released. Some major bugfixes (include SYSTEM ERROR 6), Three new languages (danish, greek, german). Great thanks to Sardaukar (Brian). Gauge 1.3 inside.

09.05.2005 - batteryeater.com

Site Update. ToDo page added. Now you can easily add new todo for BE.

03.04.2005 - Gauge update.

New Gauge Update. 1.3 will determine how many batteries in your system at this moment and change number of bars. One or two.

30.03.2005 - Gauge update.

New verison of Gauge.exe software is released. Update can be downloaded from Download page. New version can show charge for both batteries in your laptop.

2.03.2005 - New version.

Battery Eater Pro 2.51 has been released. Some bugfixes, language support for slovak language (great thanks to Longo213) and hardware compatibily.

2.12.2004 - At last

Finally I created this small page for my battery eater benchmark.