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Battery Eater Pro 2.70 (728091)  

02.06.2010 - Some website updates

  Some website updates was made. New pages on the way. Stay tuned.

28.05.2010 - New 3d Engne

  Battery Eater now uses new quad ENGINE for rendering. See more in blog. More changes will come.

09.11.2009 - beTube

  beTube software updated. New 0.5 version available in downloads. Fixed youtube download bug, added 3gp for youtube.

11.04.2009 - beTube

  beTube software available to download from ADDONS section. It allow you to download videos from youtube. No ads, free of charge, fast and small. Enjoi it!

31.07.2007 - Notebooks

  Do you have an notebook? Join betatest of our version 3 software. Help to make it better, faster! Only thing you need is download beUpdated3 and download latest benchmark files. All ideas and bugs you can post in forum or development section of our site.

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