About Us

Our mission
Our sole mission is to find you the best of all.
Who we are
We all have to admit that rummaging through the internet to find the right product is an extremely tiring and frustrating job. And, let's be honest, nobody has time for that. But don't worry, we’ll have the hard work done for you.
At BatteryEater, we want to become your trust-worthy, knowledgeable expert who gives only the best advice. That means we’ll slimplify every decision you have and upgrade your online shoping experience with selective recommendations, giving you the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.
So, how to we do it?
Our experts strongly believe that there is nothing better than stringent, unbiased and practical testing in measuring the quality of a product. Regardless of whether the products are purchased or sent by their manufactures, we only provide our viewers with complete transparency in the process. Thereby, we’re proud to say that every single item mentioned in our reviews is high-quality and worthy of consideration.
How do we make money?
Then, how do we make money, exactly?
We’ve been constantly questioned by a lot of customer about the way our website makes its money while other services remain fully free. So, here's the answer.
On the website, there are advertisings and also links to the retailers. When you click on these links, we'll earn a commision. However, we still want to state one more time that every product recommended in our reviews are completely based on our editorial team's research and are not influenced by any commercial  judgments. 
We hope you love our suggestions and return to us the next time you need guidance.